"The Rose of Sand"

Torpeza Rítmika is a funny character borned from the union of spontaneous clumsiness and rhythm, which gives us an elegant show of interactive imagination full of humor and poetry. The comedy and improvisation with the public along with acrobatics (Cyr wheel) and a sweet and eccentric clown are the ideal condiments to catch the colors of her universe.

The female skill dazzles the spectator with great expressive force on the Cyr wheel. With a universal language, the show "the Rose of Sand" is enjoyed all over the world.

This show is presented in Swiss, Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Iraq, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, Belgium, Holland Egypt, Korea, Austria, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Latvia, Greece, Serbia, Holland.

Theater performance

"Imaginary World" theater and dance with magic and dynamic energy Passión and love for Arts. 8min

Photo: Lucia Herrero

"La Rosa de los Vientos" Cia.ZagreB

ZagreB is born from the collaboration between Torpeza Ritmika and Eric Tarantola.

A fearless clown mastering the Cyr wheel accompanied by a one man band of modern times. Together they are creating a unique world combining theatre, circus along music of the world. Torpeza Ritmika is this eccentric clown teasing her audience who like to surprise, amuse people. She is an experienced acrobat dancer combining elegance and grace mastering the Cyr wheel over the music waves of the one man band.

Eric Tarantola is not just a musician but an orchestra of his own. From his sophisticated magic music box, Eric will blend different styles and influences transporting the audience into an imaginary world. "La Rosa de los Vientos" is an interactive show associating sense of humour and poetry for all audiences.

Technical Requirements:

Name of the company: Cia.ZagreB
Name of the show: La Rosa de los Vientos
Duration of the show: 45m
Duration of the Number: 10m
Space of stage: minimum 6X6 Flat surface
Set Up: 10m
Set Down: 10m
Discipline: Music Life -Cyr Wheel- Clown
Lenguaje: Universal
Eric Tarantola & Torpeza Ritmika Francia/Argentina


"Trio Inestable"

Magic Hene presents his absurd magical tricks surprising the audience with great cunning and elegance. Accompanied by his two henchmen.Torpeza Ritmika, his assistant not so perfect he involuntarily dedicates himself to doing his job very badly and Eric Tarantola a specimen of man orchestra that with his lovely live music takes us to go through a unique circus universe. Together they perform a fantastic show of circus-magic-live music and clown. Show for the whole family.

Technical Requirements:

Name of the company: Trio Mägic Hene ...Torpeza Ritmika.... Eric Tarantola
Name of the show: Trio inestable
Duration of the show: 50m
Space of stage: minimum 6X6 Flat surface
Set Up: 15m
Set Down: 15m
Discipline: Music Life -Cyr Wheel- Clown
Lenguaje: Universal
Magic Hene /Eric Tarantola / Torpeza Ritmika Francia/Argentina/Switzerland

www.erictarantola.com & www.markusschrag.ch

Buvette chez Suzette

Technical Requirements:

Duration of the show: 50m 

Space of stage: minimum 6X6 

Set Up: 30m Set Down: 30m 

Discipline: Music Life -Comedy show- Clown 

Lenguaje: Universal 

Torpeza Ritmika, Brigitte Woodtli ,Eric Tarantola, Markus Schrag. Francia/Argentina/Switzerland

www.erictarantola.com & www.markusschrag.ch

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